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Kaspersky Small Office Security

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Kaspersky Small Office Security is a software package designed to provide comprehensive protection for small businesses with up to 25 employees. The package includes advanced security technologies such as anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spam, and firewall protection to keep your business safe from online threats. The software is designed to be easy to install and manage, with a simple web-based management console that allows you to manage the security of all your devices from a single interface. It also includes features such as device control, which allows you to restrict access to USB and other devices to prevent data theft and leakage.

Kaspersky Small Office Security also includes mobile security features that help protect smartphones and tablets used by your employees. It includes anti-malware protection, anti-theft features, and web browsing protection to keep your mobile devices secure.

Overall, Kaspersky Small Office Security is a comprehensive security solution for small businesses that provides advanced protection against online threats, as well as mobile security features to protect smartphones and tablets used by your employees.


Kaspersky Small Office Security is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed specifically for small businesses. Here are some of its main features:

Protection against viruses, malware, and other online threats: Kaspersky Small Office Security provides advanced antivirus and malware protection to safeguard your business devices against various types of online threats.

Firewall protection: The solution includes a firewall that helps to prevent unauthorized access to your company network.

Email protection: Kaspersky Small Office Security scans incoming and outgoing emails for malware and other malicious content to prevent email-borne attacks.

Web protection: The solution includes a web filtering feature that blocks access to malicious and potentially dangerous websites, helping to prevent employees from inadvertently visiting harmful sites.

Device control: Kaspersky Small Office Security allows you to manage and control USB drives, printers, and other external devices that connect to your company’s computers.

Mobile device management: The solution also offers mobile device management, which allows you to manage and secure the mobile devices used by your employees.

Encryption and backup: Kaspersky Small Office Security offers encryption and backup features to protect your company’s sensitive data and ensure business continuity in case of data loss or theft.

Centralized management: The solution can be centrally managed from a single console, making it easy to deploy, configure, and monitor the security of all your business devices.

Kaspersky Small Office Security offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to provide small businesses with robust cybersecurity protection.

Small business security? No worries

Kaspersky Small Office Security is not a smaller version of a security solution meant for larger organizations, but instead, it is custom-made to cater to the specific security needs of very small businesses. It is hassle-free, requiring no management and does not cause distractions to your employees with constant notifications. Kaspersky Small Office Security efficiently carries out its job while allowing you to focus on your own tasks.

One license covers everything – no surprises

The security measures provided are effective and easy to integrate with the hardware, equipment, and devices your business already uses. This solution is affordable and can enhance productivity while ensuring essential security for small business systems, without exceeding the budget.

Data protection for all devices and situations

All devices, including PCs, Macs, Windows file servers, and Android mobile devices, will be safeguarded against all types of hazards, be it known, unknown, or sophisticated, to ensure workplace safety.

Protection against ransomware and human error

In the event that an employee clicks on a harmful link and ransomware attempts to encrypt work files, a duplicate of the unencrypted file will be generated automatically for you to use in restoring the original.

Be online privately, safely – and at speed

Experience fast and unrestricted access to global content while ensuring your privacy, security, and speed with an unlimited VPN. You can choose from a selection of more than 2000 servers in 95 locations for the quickest experience. This will allow you to access online content from anywhere without compromising your security.

Store and transfer valuable files safely

Data encryption transforms data saved on personal computers and servers into an incomprehensible format to hinder cyber attackers from obtaining sensitive data. To prevent unauthorized access, the transformed data is kept in secure vaults.

Don’t be a victim of online fraud and scams

Ensure the safety of your business’s finances, credit card data, and banking information by using Kaspersky’s Safe Money feature when accessing online banking or payment services on a computer, whether it’s a PC or a Mac. This security tool provides an additional layer of protection by verifying the safety of websites, which is indicated by a green frame around the browser when launched with Safe Money.

Work safely on mobile devices

Kaspersky’s mobile security and management technologies provide protection even while you’re away, including when employees utilize their personal mobile devices for work purposes. This safeguards Android smartphones and tablets, and allows for locating, locking, or erasing missing devices as needed.