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Trend Micro

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Trend Micro is a worldwide provider for platform integration and cyber security solution.

Whether it is a small business or big enterprises, the company’s data is no longer primitive in your digital appliances. We need to find and secure them continuously, and trend micro can benefit you in such situations.

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By developing innovative security Trend Micro security solutions safeguard solutions, Trend Micro Solution was able to users across all platforms, enhance security process more than 5 trillion queries globally for the contemporary data centre, and in 2021. It interfaces with any third-party defend networks from intrusions by security deliberate systems and IT attackers. environment, Delivering top-tier centralizes client-server, visibility, and network, and offers the cloud-based industry’s best protection that XDR. Radiant blocks emerging will assist you threats faster, with locating, detects breaches designing, better, and protects deploying, and data in physical, configuring virtual, and cloud your own settings is made Trend Micro possible by Security Solution as an authorized Trend working with a Trend Micro Partner, Micro Security reseller.

Product Offering

Hybrid Cloud Security

Hybrid Cloud Security

Meet your cloud native protection platform at Trend Micro’s all in one solution. Trend Micro Cloud One provides thoughtful application security, and navigate business solutions for cloud migration, cloud native. application, and cloud operational excellence.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Secure all your gateway, endpoints, mail, mobile, and all network with Trend Micro Workforce One. Trend Micro Workforce One, gives multi-layer protection from evolving threats and minimalist its impact on your cloud apps. You can secure your endpoint, email, and web with centralised visibility and control.

Network Defence

Network Defence

With Trend Micro’s Network one solution, which is based on a robust defence approach, you can detect and react to complex and crucial data and applications. With Trend Micro’s Network One Solution, the company can eliminate the blind spots of the network and applications. It centralises and prioritises events more successfully by keeping a tap on unmanaged assets.

Deep Security for the Data Centre

Deep Security for the Data Centre

Do you want to automise your security solution, then Trend Micro Vision One is the solution you are looking for one. Trend Micro Vision One provides deeper understanding of cyber risk by detecting and optimise automated control solutions. It works with an integrated risk score, to provide risk and posture visibility for zero trust initiatives.

Trend Micro Partner


With a variety of solutions for hybrid cloud security, network security, user protection, and network and response, Radiant Info Solution is a Trend Micro partner and authorised reseller. As authorised resellers in India, we assist and implement your cutting-edge solution for your particular needs. In addition to installation, deployment, and IT support services for all Trend Micro Products and Services, we offer Software Licensing Services to Clients throughout India. Companies, the government, non-profit organisations, corporations, and educational institutions can all benefit from Radiant’s Trend Micro Solution for your Cloud, Internet of Things, and Risk Management.

For cloud migration, cloud native app development, cloud operational excellence, data centre security, and SaaS applications, Trend Micro Cloud Solutions offers specialised solutions. Contact us right away to acquire Trend Micro Cloud Solutions at a significant discount.

Cyber insurance, ransomware, end-of-support systems, compliance, risk identification, and control action were all offered by Trend Micro risk management. Get in touch with Radiant, a dependable partner, for Trend Micro IT help.

In the age of digital transformation, defend your company with Trend Micro solutions. Attack surfaces have evolved as a result of digital transformation, becoming more complicated and impacting business efficiency and effectiveness. Radiant want to enable each individual and every organisation to improve their performance. As an authorised reseller and a reliable partner, Radiant provides innovative security solutions to help start-ups, academic institutions, businesses, hospitals, and governmental organisations survive the era of digital transformation. We work to protect company secrets and privacy from rivals and other individuals who might misuse such information. To boost the risk viability across your systems, we integrate various apps and platforms of your enterprise to multilayer protection. We believe that the key for any company to grow is optimising the energy and focus on right channel, then to constantly worry about cyber breach. We collaborate with industry leaders in technology to provide cloud security systems for your network, data centre, and workforce.

Through streamlining security, as well as by constant detection and communication, Radiant enables organisations to adapt to their complex digital surface and their complicated surface attack. We provide innovative and continuous developing solutions to secure your workforce on any devices and strengthening your cloud security. Along with Trend Micro, Radiant wants to give your company a comprehensive cybersecurity platform for understanding, communicating, and reducing cyber risk.

Trend Micro’s authorised partner, Radiant offer additional support and services based as per your enterprise’s needs. Our motto is to provide a one secure solution for all your cyber risk while saving upto 60% security cost for your organisation. Whether you own a global business, or small-medium business, you can benefit from 24/7/365 security expert guidance to mitigate your cyber risk. Radiant, an authorised reseller provides additional support and training to its client and ensure the deployment of products and services happens smoothly when you buy from Radiant.

Trend Micro License

Trend Micro is a well-known provider of cybersecurity solutions, including antivirus, endpoint protection, and cloud security services. They offer a range of licenses to meet the diverse needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations. Here are some key points regarding Trend Micro licenses:

Licensing Models: Trend Micro licenses are typically sold based on the number of endpoints or users that require protection. They offer various licensing models, including per-user, per-device, and subscription-based licenses.

Endpoint Protection: Trend Micro offers licenses for endpoint protection, which safeguard desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices against various threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Business Solutions: Trend Micro provides licenses for business solutions tailored to meet the security requirements of organizations. These solutions include advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, email and web security, network defense, and centralized management consoles.

Cloud Security: Trend Micro offers licenses for cloud security solutions designed to protect cloud environments, including cloud workloads, containers, and cloud-native applications. These licenses often align with the cloud service providers (CSPs) such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Licensing Duration: Trend Micro licenses are typically valid for a specified duration, which can range from one year to multiple years, depending on the license type and subscription terms.

It’s important to note that licensing details, pricing, and available license types may vary based on the specific product, edition, and region. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about Trend Micro licenses, To consult regarding licenses , connect with us .

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